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Our Mission is to provide consumers effortless access to fresh food anywhere, 24/7.

Our smart retail products and services are developed to save you time, make life easier, and to minimise health risks from queuing and checking out in busy public areas like supermarkets and lunch time takeaways.





The Clever Bit

Connect with your customers like never before

By sharing data that shows healthy meals sold, productivity hours saved and product allergen and nutritional information, consumer messaging, and real-time inventory an pricing, we provide a personalised, integrated food service for your business. Our Smart Stores and Micro-Markets can fit into any space in any building, ensuring that you can provide fresh food 24/7.


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Healthy Vending in London Offices




Healthy Vending in London Refrigerated Smart Stores

Refrigerated Smart Store

The refrigerated smart store is ideal for any building, or office environment. Just one square metre is required, with power and Wi-Fi. Ideally situated in a breakout room where employees and visitors can grab some fresh food and drinks and eat together.

You can stock our refrigerated smart stores with your own food or we can manage the stocking for you with our local quality checked fresh food suppliers.

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 Healthy Vending in London Fresh Food Micro-Market


Fresh Food Micro-Market 

If you are a larger building such as a busy office or airport, hospital or university – and require a wider choice of meals and drinks for your workforce, the Hungry Tech healthy vending expands into a fresh food Micro-Market.

Depending on the size of your building this can include 1 or more smart fridges with a hot cabinet and shelving for fresh groceries. We can create the best layout for your market, according to your needs.

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 Lunch Club

Launching Autumn 2020, LUNCH CLUB is the new way to order what you want, when you want. Place your order before 5pm Thursday for delivery anytime the following week. Here's an example of how it works -

  • Plan ahead. Choose between four bundles including Breakfast, Lunch, SnackBox, and Dinner.
  • Specify the days you want delivery. For example: I want 1x breakfast on Monday, 1x SnackBox on Tuesday, 2x lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a meal kit for dinner on Thursday.
  • Place your order through the Hungry Tech delivery App.
  • Visit the Hungry Tech refrigerated smart store on your given days and your meals will be there waiting for you.
  • You've already paid, so just grab and go.
  • Enjoy your meals, see you get healthier!

 Healthy Vending in London Mobile Shopping



Mobile Shopping

Walk into the Hungry Tech micro market, tap the product ticket on the shelf, grab your shopping, and just walk out. An alternative to the Hungry Tech refrigerated smart stores, mobile shopping is just as easy and convenient. Download the App to shop. Includes allergen and nutritional information for all products.

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Healthy Vending in London Salad 


We ship one unit or multiple units and set-up takes a day.

Delivery takes up to 14 days for our refrigerated smart stores from 1 to a 1,000 units at a time.


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