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We have developed smart retail technology that enables consumers to tap a debit card on a fridge, unlock the door, grab some fresh food and go, without queuing, scanning or checking out. 

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Fresh Food As A Service

Providing 24/7 Access to Fresh, Healthy Food

Our Smart Fridges and Micro-Markets can fit into any space, in any building. We share our data so you can see the value of partnering Hungry Tech, including most popular dishes; customer participation rates; healthy meals sold; and productivity hours saved.

If you would like to provide your workforce or visitors with unlimited fresh food from local supliers, please get in touch.


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Healthy Vending in London Smart Fridge



 Healthy Vending in London

Our Background

We don’t much like queuing and we thought there must be a better way. Even more so coming out of 'lockdown'.

As contract caterers, we wondered why it was so difficult to offer customers fresh, healthy food out of hours. Traditional vending as we know it was clunky and not fit for our purpose. We knew that if people had effortless access to delicious fresh food, they would be happier and more productive. So, we set out on a mission.
We flew to San Francisco and had a magical ‘walk in, walk out’ shopping experience. We tapped the App on the shop barrier, walked in, grabbed some groceries, and walked out - No queuing. No scanning. No checkout terminals. It was a strange but liberating experience!

Upon returning to the UK, we got to work researching and developing our own ‘just walk out’ technology, only on a much smaller scale, which is now Hungry Tech’s Smart Fridges and Micro-Markets.




Why Choose Hungry Tech?



Healthy Vending in London Fresh Food 



Fresh Food

Too often, people at work settle for processed, pre-packaged food for their lunch breaks, mainly to save time and money. If you are working late or early hours, finding fresh food can be even harder. A lack of nutrition impedes health, happiness and productivity in the long run. With our healthy vending machines in London and the UK, consumers have effortless access to fresh, healthy food 24/7, helping to improve their health, wellbeing, and productivity. 

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Healthy Vending in London Convenient




Queuing for food in public places, often with dirty touch-points, can be inconvenient and frustrating. Hungry Tech provides workforces stress-free easy access to food that they love, whenever they want it. There is no queuing, scanning, or checking out. To use our healthy vending machines in London and The UK, all you need to do is tap your card or phone, grab a meal and drink, and get on with your working day!

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 Healthy Vending in London Personalised



We provide an interactive, customer-driven shopping experience, sharing data with your business in order to optimise the customer experience of our healthy vending machines in London. Choose the Hungry Tech App and you can connect with your workforce with subsidised food offers and personalised messages.
We share with you data of healthy meals sold, productivity hours saved, product allergen and nutritional information, and a real-time inventory, and smart pricing so a price drops when it nears its use by date. Moreover, the choice of available food at our Smart Fridges is determined by previous consumer history, ensuring that people get what they want, when they want.

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For every meal sold from our healthy vending machines in London and the UK, Hungry Tech donates a hot meal to Whitechapel Mission for the homeless. Please connect here and find out more…..

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