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Are you looking for healthy vending in London and the UK that improves workplace productivity? If so, please get in touch with Hungry Tech.

We are leaders of the UK unattended retail tap, grab and go market, installing Smart Fridges and fresh food micro markets at your business to save customers from the time-consuming process of queuing, checking-out and scanning.

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Healthy Vending in London and the UK

Providing a Seamless Customer Experience

Did you know up to 35 hours a month are lost in productivity from employees scanning their purchases in old style micro markets and old style vending machines? That’s a week’s salary lost every month to checking out. Typically 150 hours every month are lost in productivity by employees queuing on the high street for lunch or dinner.

Our on-site healthy vending refrigerated smart stores and fresh food micro markets provide employees and visitors effortless access to meals and drinks delivered fresh from our local deli-kitchens. Employees just tap their card or phone, open the door, and grab what they need. It’s that simple. Available 24 hours a day, no labour required. Every meal you buy, we buy a hot meal for a homeless person in partnership with the Whitechapel Mission, London.


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Healthy Vending in London Office



Our Smart Fridges and Micro-Markets can fit into any space in your workplace, however big or small. Data from each vending machine shows healthy meals sold, productivity hours saved and all product allergen and nutritional information, thereby giving your business a more personalised service.

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Healthy Vending in London



Our Process

  • Reach out to businesses to promote fresh food in one or multiple locations
  • Listen to your requirements and advise on best fit of our healthy vending in London and the UK
  • Delivery of your new Refrigerated Smart Store takes up to 14 days from order. 50% deposit required
  • Set up your new refrigerated Smart Store or micro market. This normally takes a day and up to 5 days for a new micro market. App integration into your POS can take up to 14 days.
  • A monthly fee is required for the dashboard of information that we share with businesses through our Hungry Tech app
  • Employees and visitors simply then tap their debit card, or phone, and enjoy fresh locally sourced food in their workplace or busy building.

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 Healthy Vending in London Our Mission



Our Mission

  • Lose the queues
  • Improve margins – no labour required
  • Improve choice and convenience by bringing fresh local food to where people work and live and visit
  • Help people to flourish
  • Help our communities by giving a hot meal to those less fortunate
  • Offer a fresh food micro-store experience that is simple, cost-effective, and scalable
  • Provide instant access to nutritious snacks, drinks, and meals throughout the day, 24/7

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Benefits of Our Healthy Vending Machines in London

  • Help people to flourish by not skipping lunch, thereby improving productivity
  • Smart, frictionless technology that takes several seconds, not minutes
  • Avoid lunchtime queues and unhealthy take-outs, saving people precious time during the day
  • Grab a meal kit at tea-time to avoid last minute trips to the supermarket
  • Local suppliers can bring their storefronts into the workplace or busy building
  • Fresh food options while also reducing waste
  • Share real-time inventory to track the value of each Smart Fridge
  • Employers take responsibility for the health of their workforce
  • We share data with you so you can see the value of a Hungry Tech smart fridge or micro market

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 Healthy Vending in London Food Management


Food Management

We work closely with a variety of high quality local deli-kitchens to provide an ever changing daily menu packed full of delicious meals and drinks. Collecting food directly from our suppliers, we will then stock the Smart Fridges ahead of each working day. The technology soon learns the food preferences of our customers and the supply will be restocked accordingly. All product allergen and nutritional information is provided through the App or on your desktop.

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