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Hungry Tech leads the UK in unattended retail with our Fresh Food-to-Go technologiesOur fresh food micro-markets and Intelligent Fridges enable employees and visitors to shop for fresh food without queuing, scanning, or checking out.

Just tap your debit card or your App, grab some fresh food, and go. 

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a new approach To Fresh Food Vending 

Open 24/7, our Intelligent Fridges can fit into any space, in any building, providing your workforce and visitors effortless access to fresh healthy food – any time, any place, anywhere. Just tap, grab and go. 

No more clunky vending from compartments that can take minutes to purchase one product. Intelligent Fridge shopping takes seconds with typical transaction values of £5 or more.

Retailers and operators can manage their estate of Intelligent Fridges remotely with access to real-time data so you can measure the value of using Hungry Tech.


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Healthy Vending in London




Healthy Vending in London Refrigerated Smart Store?


The Intelligent Fridge -

Your Own Branded Fresh Food Smart Store

Our Intelligent Fridge comes with only a one square metre footprint that can be placed in any building with a traffic flow of 150 people or more. Hungry Tech enables workforces and visitors effortless access to unlimited fresh food 24/7. You know what’s in the fridge at any time by checking into our Store on your phone or desktop.

Our Prototype 2019  See How It Works Today



 Healthy Vending in London Fresh Food Micro-Market



Fresh Food Micro-Market

An extension of our Intelligent Fridge, with two or three smart fridges, a hot cabinet, fresh bean coffee, and shelving for groceries. Our fresh food micro-markets can be installed in accordance with your building’s exact specifications. There is no scanning or checkout terminal which saves a typical workforce an extra 35 hours a month in lost productivity. You just walk in, shop, and walk out.

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 Healthy Vending in London

 Lunch Club

Launching 2021, LUNCH CLUB is the new way to order what you want, when you want. Place your order before 5pm Thursday for delivery anytime the following week. Here's an example of how it works -

  • Plan ahead. Choose between four bundles including Breakfast, Lunch, SnackBox, and Dinner.
  • Specify the days you want delivery. For example: I want 1x breakfast on Monday, 1x SnackBox on Tuesday, 2x lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a meal kit for dinner on Thursday.
  • Place your order through the Hungry Tech delivery App.
  • Visit the Hungry Tech refrigerated smart store on your given days and your meals will be there waiting for you.
  • You've already paid, so just grab and go.
  • Enjoy your meals, see you get healthier!




Fresh Food as a Service

Our Mission is to provide businesses effortless access to fresh healthy food. Hungry Tech work with local suppliers, so employees and visitors can enjoy a rolling daily menu from five different street food brands, with unpurchased food donated to our local food bank. We manage the whole service from delivery to stocking our fridges to personalising the shopping experience.

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Where Can I place a Fresh Food-to-Go Intelligent Fridge?

Hungry Tech Micro-Smart Stores can be placed in any well ventilated area in a busy building or workplace. Our healthy fresh food merchandisers can be located in:

  • Busy canteens and cafes
  • Workplaces and offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Leisure centres
  • Museums
  • Oil rigs

  • MOD sites
  • Airports
  • Apartment blocks
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Shopping Centres 



Healthy Vending in London  




Our 2019 Prototype Video

... See How It Works Today




Benefits of Hungry Tech


Healthy Vending in London quality meals from local suppliers 




Workplace Catering

We source quality meals from local suppliers and our menus change daily. Our tech can tell us what’s popular and what’s not so we make sure there’s always your favourite meals available.


Healthy Vending in London Helping People Less Fortunate




Helping People Less Fortunate

For every meal you buy, we buy a hot meal for a homeless person less fortunate, in partnership with the Whitechapel Mission, London.


 Healthy Vending in London Open 24/7



Open 24/7

Hungry Tech provides easy access to fresh food and drinks 24/7 by simply tapping the Hungry Tech App or your contactless card or phone to open the door.





Are you a business owner looking to provide your workforce with unlimited fresh food? Or a larger Organisation looking to increase your revenues and renew your fresh food vending offer across your estate? If so, please get in touch -

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